Patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis experienced significant symptom reduction and improved quality of life after implementing olopatadine hydrochloride/mometasone furoate combination nasal spray either once or twice daily, according to a research presented at the AAAAI 2018.

Researchers of this double-blind, phase 2 study randomly assigned patients who were ?12 years of age to 1 of 5 groups: olopatadine (665 µg)/mometasone (25 µg) twice daily, olopatadine (665 µg)/mometasone (50 µg) once daily, olopatadine (665 µg) once or twice daily, mometasone (25 µg) twice day or mometasone (50 µg) once daily, or placebo. Data were measured using Total Nasal Symptom Scores, Physician-assessed Nasal Symptom Score, and Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire Standardized Activities at baseline and after 14 days of treatment.

Patients who received olopatadine/mometasone either once or twice daily experienced significant improvements in their instantaneous Total Nasal Symptom Scores (P =.005) compared with patients in the placebo group. Statistically significant improvements in physician-assessed nasal symptoms were seen, “further supporting the patient-reported outcomes,” the authors added. Adverse events were reported in 10.8% of the olopatadine/mometasone twice daily group, in 9.5% of the olopatadine/mometasone once daily group, and in 8.2% of the placebo group.