The result of intensive research and development, many prototypes, and thousands of design hours, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s F&P Simplus Full Face Mask is engineered with full-face comfort, seal, and easy use in mind. The mask incorporates a RollFit Seal, ErgoForm Headgear, and Easy Frame, which work together for optimal comfort. The mask requires only three adjustments for an effective first fitting to ensure that it simply fits and performs. 800-446-3908;? (See image above.)

CPAP_3Bmedical_AutoCPAP-1803B Medical Inc offers RESmart Auto-CPAP, a full-function, full-feature auto-adjusting CPAP. RESlex exhalation relief, SD card, full clinical efficacy reporting, and compliance data reporting are standard with every model. The device offers free remote compliance data uploading using its proprietary iCode technology, now with interactive voice recognition to allow scheduling of patient auto-dialing. Compliance data uploads without the DME lifting a finger. The RESmart Auto-CPAP also comes with free access to 3B’s iCodeConnect patient management portal. 863-226-6285;

BubbleCPAP_BBmedical_Bubbler-110The B&B Bubbler water seal CPAP valve from B&B Medical Technologies is a convenient, cost-effective method to deliver CPAP therapy in neonatal critical care environments. It’s adjustable from 1 to 10 cm H2O with clearly marked settings. The dual-chambered design allows fluid level to be observed without disrupting therapy. An internal, drainable overflow chamber limits fluid to desired CPAP level. 800-242-8778;

CPAP_Hans_Rudolph_V2-180Hans Rudolph Inc offers Acute Care Full Face Masks for CPAP, BiLevel, & NIV Therapy. Disposable single-patient use and reusable multi-patient use masks are available in five sizes, equipped with a chin cup and no forehead bar, which allows patients to wear glasses. One mask, the V2, is available in either disposable or reusable versions. The seal of the V2 is completely redesigned to maximize the V2’s ability to seal to many different types of faces. There is no cumbersome forehead cushion or hard plastic frame in the V2 design, and the color of the port on the front of the mask indicates use for CPAP, bilevel, and NIV therapy. 800-456-6695;

CPAP_Innomed_Aspen-150Compact, quiet, and lightweight, InnoMed Technologies‘ Aspen Full Face Mask has a built-in chin flap that gently supports the chin. The Aspen features a resilient yet stable forehead pad highlighted by a SoftTouch Wrap. The headgear has a crown strap for extra comfort and support, and has five adjustment points. The Aspen features an extremely quiet exhalation port design. 800-200-9842;

BubbleCPAP_Respiralogics_FullKit-180Respiralogics’ Baby line and Babi.Plus Bubble CPAP are the ideal complement to make delivery of nCPAP or NIV therapy more comfortable for infants and easier for caregivers. Baby Cap and Circuit Bumpers optimize prong and circuit position for a relaxed fit. Meanwhile, Baby Nose Bumper gently holds to the RespiraGel mustache providing a secure grip and nares cushion, and Baby Chin Strap keeps the mouth closed during nasal CPAP or NIV therapy. 855-473-7747;

CPAP_Resmed_AirFitF10-180The ResMed AirFit F10 full face mask delivers the comfort and reliability of ResMed’s traditional full face masks, but in a compact design. The company’s quietest compact full face mask, AirFit F10 is 15% lighter than ResMed’s Quattro FX. According to a ResMed study, patients preferred the AirFit F10 to the market-leading compact CPAP full face mask, in terms of seal and comfort, which may help them sleep better and stay compliant. 800-424-0737;

CPAP_Sunset_SoClean-180The SoClean 2 from Sunset Healthcare Solutions is a safe, easy, natural way to thoroughly clean and sanitize your CPAP equipment. It uses activated oxygen (the same process used in water purification, for produce, and in hospitals) to eliminate 99.9% of mold, bacteria, and viruses it comes in contact with. The device is completely automated and doesn’t require the user to take CPAP equipment apart. The SoClean 2 features a small footprint, measuring 8.75 in H x 7.25 in W x 7.75 in D. 877-578-6738;