Bound Tree Medical and Tri-anim Health Services will distribute the ROSC-U Miniature Chest Compressor through the companies’ nationwide sales teams, via a partnership with Resuscitation International. Bound Tree Medical and Tri-anim are part of the Sarnova family of companies.

The ROSC-U is an automated, compact CPR device that delivers chest compressions at a consistent rate and depth ensuring uninterrupted high-quality CPR. The device can be used continuously to provide uninterrupted CPR from on-scene with the first responders through the continuum of care, including admission to the ED or Cath Lab for advanced cardiac care.

With each minute quality CPR is delayed, a sudden cardiac victim’s chance of survival rapidly decreases. In less than 10 seconds, the ROSC-U can be secured directly to the chest by a wide belt called a Torso Restraint that wraps around the patient. The ROSC-U automatically performs consistent, uninterrupted manual CPR with 360° compressions for more effective chest compression and improved perfusion.

“While the ROSC-U is doing the CPR all by itself, the EMS workers or medical facility staff are freed up to focus on other life-saving activities to care for that patient,” said Jeff Prestel, President & CEO of Sarnova. “And given the number of challenges of trying to perform manual CPR, the device can tirelessly deliver accurate chest compressions in just about any situation.”

More information on the ROSC-U Miniature Chest Compressor is available at Bound Tree Medical or Tri-anim.