The latest devices in humidification, inhaled nitric oxide, and oxygen therapy from Caire, Dynarex, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Masimo, NeoTech, Precision Medical, RapidOxygen, Southmedic, Vapotherm and Vero Biotech.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Featuring SmartDose Auto-Adjusting Oxygen Delivery Technology, the iGO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Drive DeVilbiss has one of the most sensitive conserver triggers currently on the POC market. It weighs less than 5 lbs and has a protective overmold to help prevent damage. Battery access and LCD screen controls are on top of the iGO2, providing easy access while still in the carrying case. (See image above.)

Southmedic Inc

OxyMask, from Southmedic, is an open oxygen therapy device that improves patient safety and significantly reduces costs. OxyMask allows clinicians to respond faster, and offers greater patient comfort and compliance. One OxyMask replaces multiple traditional devices as it delivers the entire range of oxygen therapy; 24 to 90% FiO2, 1 to 15+ LPM. 

Caire Inc

Offering patient comfort and smart O2 delivery, the FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator (POC) can help your oxygen patient resume daily activities following hospital discharge. This lightweight, ergonomic device offers five settings, sensitive breath detection technologies, and ensures there is no gap in treatment for effective therapeutic oxygen delivery for your patient.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Optiflow 3S Nasal High Flow Cannula, from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, is Optiflow in motion, through stability, simplicity, and softness. For all patients, especially ambulatory, and those requiring regular repositioning, Optiflow 3S is in motion right along with them. Improvements include: 

  • Stability: Separable head strap (bifurcating) improves stability and flexibility.
  • Simplicity: Side-swapping capability assists with patient repositioning, provides set-up flexibility for clinicians, and facilitates ease of proning.
  • Softness: Reduces pressure on the nose and upper lip (philtrum), while the structured manifold stops the prongs from collapsing. 

The Airvo 2 Nasal High Flow System from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare stays with the patient from arrival to discharge. Apply Airvo early for stabilization and continue providing benefit to the patient throughout their stay. An integrated flow generator and optional UPS addition delivers flows up to 60 LPM without interruption and allows for transportability between the ED/floor/ICU. Recent clinical guidelines recommend NHF therapy for AHRF, post-operative patients (cardiac/thoracic surgery), and post-extubation respiratory support. Meet the patient where they’re at and extend the benefits of Airvo into both LTAC’s and the patient home with MyAirvo, reducing patient escalation, intubation, and hospitalizations.

Dynarex Corp

The Dynarex Resp-O2 line of respiratory solutions is meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of practitioners and their apatients. From aerosol/oxygen therapy, heat-moisture exchangers, closed-suction systems, tracheostomy care, and more—these powerful respiratory tools prioritize safety and effectiveness without ever compromising on patient comfort and well-being. 

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Masimo softFlow offers high-flow respiratory support through a soft nasal cannula, delivering a precise, consistent flow during both inspiration and expiration to enhance therapy benefits. Visit to learn more.

Neotech Products

The Neotech RAM Cannula is designed for low/high-flow oxygen and can be used with or without humidity. It features soft, gently curved prongs designed for patient comfort. Its simple set-up and flexible tubing help promote developmentally appropriate positioning for infants and children. The RAM is available in seven sizes.

Vero Biotech

The Genosyl Delivery System from Vero Biotech is the only tankless inhaled nitric oxide delivery system and has the broadest transport indication in the acute care setting. Its compact design has a simple user interface for easy set-up and operation. Genosyl DS provides precise, on-demand generation of nitric oxide gas for inhalation at a constant concentration with minimal variability.  Equipped with redundant safety features with backup system and gas sensors that continuously monitor NO, NO2 and O2 levels to ensure patient safety.

Precision Medical

The Precision Medical Live Active Five portable oxygen concentrator is designed to give oxygen users independence and flexibility. Live Active Five is a powerful, lightweight POC featuring an ergonomic design and can be worn comfortably either cross body or over the shoulder for a hands-free experience.

The Low-flow Oxygen Flowmeter from Precision Medical is designed to provide accurate gas flow measurement and control with flow rates available in 200 mL, 1 LPM, 3.5 LPM, and 5 LPM. The chrome body flowmeter is available with a variety of options including DISS power take offs and dual flowmeter configurations.


RapidOxygen’s R15 Emergency Oxygen device has proven to be the “security blanket” for anyone concerned about the respiratory symptoms associated with COVID-19 and lengthened response times due to an overstretched EMS system. Emergency oxygen can help save lives and improve outcomes from cardiac events, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, drug overdoses, and more.

Vapotherm Inc

Vapotherm Inc’s Precision Flow Hi-VNI offers precise one-button control of flow rate, temperature and gas blend to help provide mask-free oxygen and ventilatory support for patients in undifferentiated respiratory distress.