The Neotech NeoBar is the skin friendly ET Tube Holder that features NeoBond Hydrocolloid tabs to eliminate the need for tape near a patients nose or mouth. Tape is applied to the NeoBar, not the skin. The NeoBar is also designed to reduce extubations, help prevent palate trauma, and allow for better oral care. NeoBar is not made with natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP; and is individually packaged. The device is intended to secure an endotracheal tube. It is intended for use on pediatric patients (neonates, infants and children). Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. 800-966-0500; (see image above)


To prevent accidental extubation by providing a secure method of stabilization, Dale Medical Products Inc offers the Stabilock endotracheal tube holder. The Stabilock provides fast and easy application to secure endotracheal tubes sized 7.0-10.0 mm. The device allows easy access to the patient’s mouth, enabling the clinician to perform oral care that can help reduce the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia. 800-343-3980;


The AnchorFast Oral Endotracheal Tube Fastener from Hollister Inc combines a number of unique features that make it the right choice. The AnchorFast Guard provide an extra measure of protection. AnchorFast is the right choice for securing endotracheal tubes, optimizing oral care and helping to safeguard skin health. 888-740-8999;


Dale Medical Products Inc offers Tracheostomy Tube Holders, designed to provide secure positioning by minimizing movement of the tracheostomy tube. Secure fastener tabs fit any size trach plate and help eliminate difficulties associated with use of twill ties and other holders while minimizing secondary complications. The moisture-wicking lining on the two-piece, adjustable neckband leaves the skin dry, reducing the risk of skin breakdown. The tube holders come in four available sizes: 240 Blue, 241 and 242 PediPrints, and the 244 Blue for bariatric patients. 800-343-3980;


The B&B Bubbler water seal CPAP valve from B&B Medical Technologies is a convenient, cost effective method to deliver CPAP therapy in neonatal critical care environments. It’s adjustable from 1-10 cm H2O with clearly marked settings. The dual-chambered design allows fluid level to be observed without disrupting therapy. An internal, drainable overflow chamber limits fluid to desired CPAP level.  800-242-8778;


NJR Medical’s No-Bite V is a suction catheter introducer for the oral airway with a flashlight tip and was voted a best practice solution when nasal suctioning is contraindicated or proving difficult. The device is designed for multiple uses on a single patient and can be used in both children and adult populations. The No-Bite V is compatible with any suction catheter 18FR and under. 877-318-5162;


Intersurgical offers high quality products: one of the most complete lines of filters, HMEs, HMEFs in today’s marketplace. Its ever-expanding line of “eco” friendly adult and pediatric oxygen and aerosol masks are anatomically shaped with an exceptional seal for patient comfort and compliance. In addition, its QuadraLite anatomical mask is available in four sizes to fit the majority of patient face shapes. Whatever your product needs, they have a solution to suit your requirements. 800-828-9633;