Oxygen CAIRE_Freestyle_225CAIRE Inc

CAIRE Inc offers the FreeStyle 5, a full-capacity, portable oxygen concentrator that provides five pulse-setting options. The FreeStyle 5 is equipped with UltraSense technology, which provides a sensitive pulse dose delivery in a lightweight, portable design. Combined with the optional AirBelt, the device can provide up to 7 hours of ambulation between recharges.

Oxygen FP_OptiFlowJr_225Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Combining an anatomically contoured nasal cannula with optimally humidified flow, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s Optiflow Junior delivers oxygen therapy to infants in respiratory distress through soft anatomical prongs. The device comes equipped with a Wigglepad system and clothing clip, which allows for easy reapplication, adjustment, and maintenance.

Oxygen Hans_O2ConserverTest_225Hans Rudolph Inc

Hans Rudolph Inc offers the Series 1130 oxygen conserver testing system, able to be used with electronic or pneumatic conservers as well as portable concentrators that have built-in conserver devices. Real-time graphs show the oxygen flow and cannula pressure during the tests. In the production test mode, a variety of suites can be con- figured to test different devices and perform limited or full function tests of a device. Data are displayed in table form, along with the limits for each test and a pass or fail indication. Data are saved to a file, and a printed test report can be generated.

Oxygen Maxtec_UltraMaxO2_150Maxtec

Maxtec offers the UltraMaxO2 ultrasonic oxygen analyzer, designed for fast and easy verification of oxygen concentration, flow, and outlet pressure of oxygen concentrators. The UltraMaxO2 includes a shielded, reinforced sample gas inlet port and a silicone case for increased durability. The device does not require an oxygen sensor and is backed by a Maxtec 36-month warranty.

Oxygen Maxtec_MaxFlo2_150Maxtec

Maxtec’s MaxFLO2 air and oxygen mixer is an affordable method for mixing precise amounts of air and oxygen in high flow and low flow applications. Each MaxFLO2 comes equipped with dual flow meters, a mixed gas analysis port for spot-checking or continuous monitoring of FiO2, and a pole mount. When combined with a Maxtec oxygen analyzer, the MaxFLO2 offers a convenient gas-mixing solution that provides users with immediate access to total flow rate and FiO2.

Oxygen Southmedic_OxyMask_150Southmedic

Designed as a wide-open mask system, Southmedic’s OxyMask can deliver an FiO2 range from 24% to 90%, depending on the patient’s oxygen needs. The mask incorporates a small umbrella-shaped pin to create a high concentration vortex of oxygen molecules that is directed toward the mouth and nose.

Oxygen Inogen_G2G3_225
Inogen’s Inogen One G2
and G3 are portable oxygen concentrators intended for use at home, away from home, and for travel. Small, lightweight, and with a long battery life, the G2 and G3 allow medical oxygen users to travel without worrying about having to refill or run out of available oxygen in their tanks. 800-630-3144; www.inogenone.com

Oxygen ResponsiveResp_C5conserver_225
With its intuitive two-in-one design, Responsive Respiratory’s Respond C5 Single Lumen Conserver offers 5:1 conservation with three continuous flow settings. The Respond C5 can be used on a wide range of patients, and its whisper- quiet design is ideal for use in public settings. The device is able to be customized by adding your name and logo professionally engraved on the conserver to boost referral source awareness. 866-333-4030; www.respondo2.com