Aerosol Carefusion_MistyFast_140CareFusion

Incorporating a one-piece jet design to provide high output rates and consistent medication delivery, CareFusion’s AirLife Misty Fast small volume nebulizer offers results that are comparable to the AirLife Misty Max 10, but in half the time. The device is equipped with a swivel mouthpiece, which provides for greater patient positioning and comfort during treatment. The AirLife Misty Fast is avail- able in nine kit configurations to provide patients with custom solutions to meet their medication delivery needs.

Aerosol Southmedic_OxyKidMask_225Southmedic

Using a swivel adapter to improve patient comfort and provide optimal aerosol delivery whether the patient is lying down or is vertical, Southmedic offers the OxyKid Aerosol Mask. The mask design provides directional flow to mouth and nose, generating a higher percentage of respi- rable dose and greater aerosol efficiency while preventing the aerosol from going into the eyes. It is also available in OxyMask, OxyPlus, and OxyTyke sizes. 705-726-9383;

Aerosol Aerogen_Aeroneb_225
Providing silent drug delivery for infants through adults, Aerogen offers the Aeroneb Solo nebulizer. The Aeroneb Solo uses vibrating mesh nebulization technology to create a fine-particle, low-velocity aerosol optimized for deep lung deposition. The device maintains drug integrity when aerosoliz- ing solutions, suspensions, proteins, and peptides, because it does not heat, degrade, or shear medications and does not affect ventilator parameters. It operates for both intermittent and continuous nebulization and can be refilled without interrupting ventilation. 866-423-7643;

Aerosol InstrumentIndustries_RTCadapter_225
Compatible with a canister with a dose counter or a standard MDI canister, Instrumentation Industries Inc’s RTC 24-V Adult Universal Inline MDI Adapter directs aerosol medication for ventilator patients. Clearly marked with airflow direction arrows, RTC 24-V can be used to repeatedly administer medications to a single patient while installed in a breathing circuit. Plastic- or metal-tipped standard medication canisters may be used. 800-633-8577;

Aerosol Intersurgical_HotTop2_145
Intersurgical Inc
offers the Hot Top2 Nebulizer with Eco O2 Mask, equipped with an anatomically de- signed, environmentally friendly mask to help prevent medication leaks. The Hot Top2 delivers medication at any angle and is a cost-effective way to cut treatment times in half, improving patient comfort and compliance. 800- 828-9633;

Aerosol Monaghan_AeroChamber_225
Allowing caregivers to coordinate actuation with inhalation, Monaghan Medical Corporation’s Flow-Vu Inspiratory Flow Indicator counts patient breaths and helps confirm a good seal. Its ComfortSeal Mask has minimal dead space and a valve that lessens resistance to exhalation, and the one-way inhalation valve is designed to remain closed when the patient is not actively breathing. The device is anti- static, BPA-free, latex-free, and dishwasher-safe. 800- 833-9653;

Aerosol PARI_Vortex_225
Minimizing the technique and coordination needed for effective inhaler treatments, PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc offers a valved holding chamber called The Vortex. Designed with nonelectrostatic technology, Vor- tex delivers 56% more respirable particles compared to traditional plastic holding chambers and spacers. 800- 327-8632;

Aerosol SalterLabs_NebuTech_225
Designed for patient satisfaction, Salter Labs’ NebuTech delivers a high-quality bo- lus of medication at the beginning of inhala- tion, when it is needed most. The NebuTech is compatible with either a mask or mouth- piece and continues to nebulize even when tilted. 800-235-4203;

Aerosol Thayer_LiteAire_225
Able to be reused by a single patient for up to 1 week, Thayer Medical’s LiteAire dual-valved, collapsible, paperboard holding chamber provides a consistent medi- cation dose from metered dose inhalers (MDIs). The LiteAire is constructed of paperboard and delivers pop-up convenience and effective drug output at a fraction of the cost of plastic devices for pulmonary function labs, emergency departments, and even inpatients. 800-250-3330;