Editor’s note: Corrected 06/15/15 with updated product image.

Philips Respironics has released the Amara View CPAP mask, a minimal contact, full face mask designed with the widest field of vision of leading full face masks, according to the company.

With its under the nose design, Amara View reduces the red marks and irritation on the bridge of the nose that many CPAP patients experience, Philips says. Amara View, along with other Philips sleep-disordered breathing solutions and services were on display at SLEEP 2015 in Seattle, June 8-10.

Smaller and lighter than traditional full face masks, Amara View covers less of the patient’s face than comparable masks and eliminates the bulky cushion and frame in front of the eyes, allowing the patient to wear glasses, read, watch TV or use a computer or tablet before falling asleep, Philips says.

“This is the next generation of CPAP masks, designed to ensure the patient’s comfort and ease the journey to CPAP therapy compliance for both the homecare provider and the patient,” said Mark D’Angelo, sleep business leader of Philips. “Amara View enables homecare providers to offer new and existing CPAP patients a product that limits lifestyle interruptions and requires fewer resources during the acclimation process.”

The Amara View works together with other Philips sleep therapy systems and resupply services to transform how homecare providers work, supporting their efforts to continue to provide quality care to their patients.