Z1 CPAP deviceMeasuring 6.5 x 3.3 x 2 inches and weighing only 10 ounces, the Z1 is a new portable CPAP device from Human Design Medical, LLC (HDM). The device’s portability makes it ideal for CPAP users who travel. It can fit in a coat pocket or briefcase and can be used while on the aircraft, according to HDM.

The Z1 has an optional PowerShell that houses an integrated 14.4v lithium ion overnight battery module within a convenient neoprene case. The PowerShell allows users to power the device through traditional cords or with a cordless battery. It delivers at least 8 hours of continuous positive airway pressure without external power. If there is a power outage, the Z1 automatically transfers over to battery power so patients can continue their sleep without interruption. The system also provides an ideal solution for camping, boating, or any other lifestyle activities where external power sources are limited or not available.

The Z1 CPAP also features the latest Bluetooth technology embedded within the device. What’s more, the unit offers data viewing software that gives users valuable feedback on their therapy and features its proprietary Z-Breathe algorithm that learns from your breathing pattern and relieves machine pressure on exhalation.

The Z1 will work with any CPAP mask on the market and features a 3-year warranty. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Z1 is $799 to $1049, according to the HDM website.