Breas Medical has received FDA clearance for the Vivo 45 LS, one of the smallest, full-featured life support ventilators on the market providing both invasive and noninvasive continuous or intermittent ventilatory support. The device can be used across the continuum of care, from the home to post-acute, hospital and portable applications, for pediatric through adult patients weighing more than 5 kg (11 lbs).

Designed to maximize patient independence and mobility with an ultra-small footprint, it also provides the comfortable eSync trigger technology along with ultra-quiet operation. It also provides etCO2, SpO2, FiO2 and PtCO2 monitoring and connection to EveryWare by Breas, a securely hosted cloud-based application, which can help deliver an insightful approach to home care of respiratory patients.

“The ultra-portable Vivo 45 LS life support ventilator is designed to maximize independence and mobility to the patient thanks to its ultra-small footprint, utilizing the comfortable eSync trigger technology used in the Vivo 65 with added ultra-quiet operation,” said Chris Southerland, General Manager, Breas Americas. “The Vivo 45 LS has the added benefit of offering patient monitoring of etCO2, SpO2, FiO2 and PtCO2 and can be connected to EveryWare, Breas’ securely hosted, remote cloud-based application, which can help deliver an insightful approach to the care of respiratory patients in the home.”

The device is engineered in Breas’s founding Swedish and USA offices. More information is available at the company’s website.

Updated 02/28/21: A previous version of this article indicated the Vivo 45 had been FDA approved. The device has received FDA clearance.