Ventec Life Systems has received 510(k) clearance from the US FDA for VOCSN (pronounced VOX-SEN), a portable life support device that combines five respiratory therapies: Ventilation, Oxygen, Cough, Suction, and Nebulization.

VOCSN works across the continuum of care, from the hospital to home, and for pediatric patients weighing more than 5 kg to adults.  VOCSN is designed to improve care for patients with neuromuscular disease (eg muscular dystrophies, ALS), impaired lung function (COPD, cystic fibrosis, lung cancers, emphysema), spinal cord injury, and pediatric development complication (eg premature births, chronic lung disease). Patients can get all five therapies or just the mix of therapies needed.

According to Ventec Life Systems, VOCSN is more than 70% lighter and smaller than existing machines, features a nine-hour on-board battery, and is controlled through an intuitive touchscreen interface and user-friendly operating system.

VOCSN includes:

  • A portable critical care ventilator that provides invasive, noninvasive, and mouthpiece ventilation.
  • portable oxygen concentrator that delivers the equivalent of 6 L/min of oxygen, plus it can be fitted with external oxygen sources and includes an onboard FiO2 monitor.
  • A portable touch button cough assist, using the Ventec One-Circuit, that allows patients to use the same circuit for ventilation and cough.
  • A portable hospital-grade suction system that provides quiet and effective airway clearance with consistent and precise vacuum pressure; and
  • A portable nebulizer that automatically compensates for the airflow from the ventilator when the nebulizer drive is active to ensure accurate ventilation.

According to Ventec, caregivers can seamlessly switch between therapies with the touch of a button and no longer need to change the patient circuit between therapies.

“I’ve seen firsthand how improved ventilator technology can enhance the quality of life for patients and caregivers,” said founder and Ventec CEO Doug DeVries, whose father was diagnosed with ALS. “Our team didn’t want to create just another ventilator, we spent the past five years focused on building a truly integrated solution.”

The device will ship to patients and caregivers beginning in June 2017, according to Ventec Life Systems, which noted that VOCSN is engineered and manufactured in the United States with eight pending patents.

More information is available on the company’s website.