Endotracheal liquid bolus (ELB) albuterol lavage may be a viable option to reverse bronchoconstriction in intubated patients with limited response to traditional aerosolized albuterol via metered-dose inhaler (MDI), according to a study published in Respiratory Care.

The randomized trial of 14 patients intended to evaluate the efficacy of albuterol lavage via artificial airway with accompanied patient positioning, as almost no data exist that evaluate the clinical outcome of instillation of an ELB of a bronchodilator directly into the airway, the researchers noted.

The ELB group experienced a significant decrease in peak airway pressure and a significant decrease in airway resistance mean scores was seen from baseline to 30 min post-treatment, the researchers reported. In the initial MDI treatment group, no significant effect on peak airway pressure or airway resistance was noted.