DeVilbiss Healthcare has been awarded a patent for its suction container replaceable filter cartridge.

This shut?off ball float device retains suctioned fluids within the container, eliminating the worry of user, patient and device contamination. As the container fills, the float rises and blocks the fluid from entering the replaceable filter cartridge.

Any fluid that does escape the float will make contact with the filter’s absorbent valve that traps fluids and air when wet. The filter ensures that no fluids are able to enter the vacuum source of the unit.

“This invention’s unique design helps to isolate the user and the suction device from the contents of the container by combining a traditional ball float shutoff mechanism with a replaceable hygroscopic filter cartridge,” said Allan Jones, Director of Engineering for DeVilbiss Healthcare.

This container assembly is intended to be used with medical suction and aspiration devices alike. Both the lid and the jar are reusable, while the filter cartridge and filter element are replaceable. The inventors of this design are Joel Neatrour of Johnstown, PA and Matt Smith of Berlin, PA.