Circadiance is seeking crowdfunding support for the development of cloth pediatric face masks to reduce facial pressure ulcers for infants and other children, according to a company news announcement.

According to the company, clinician feedback consistently indicates none of the masks available today fit a pediatric patient’s face comfortably and without the potential for creating painful and unsightly sores. Known as facial pressure ulcers, they are typically caused by hard plastic respiratory masks attached tightly to the child’s face.

“The use of hard plastic face masks with humidified air against delicate pediatric skin leads to skin breakdown and pressure ulcers, which can result in pain, infection and disfigurement as well as increased costs, length of stay, and litigation for the caretakers” said David Groll, CEO of Circadiance.

There are currently no FDA-approved alternatives to hard plastic face masks for pediatric patients who require a non-invasive ventilation face mask.

Preliminary research of Circadiance’s face masks by some doctors and respiratory therapists suggests that soft cloth face masks reduce or completely avoid the occurrence of pressure ulcers for pediatric patients. Groll continued, “We want to introduce the pediatric face mask that will fit and be soft to the skin of babies and children who require noninvasive ventilation.”

Proceeds from this effort will be used to design, test and secure regulatory approval of new face masks for pediatric noninvasive ventilation.

With adequate funding, Circadiance expects to bring a pediatric face mask to the market in about one year.

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