Caire Inc has launched of a new global campaign, oneCaire, designed to recognize the unique individual needs of each business partner, and ensure both the company and their partners succeed.

“We want a relationship, and an opportunity to build trust through our expertise in this space and through the support we provide. O2 is what we do, and oneCaire is our global vision to promote the oneCaire brand by spotlighting our Quality, Business Solutions, Product Portfolio, and Clinical Efficacy. These strengths bring value to the bottom line for our business partners,” said Chris Southerland, Vice President of Respiratory at Chart BioMedical.

Caire’s consultative-selling style differentiates the Caire brand in the marketplace and identifies those programs that are designed to be customizable to fit large, mid-size and small customers. Programs include the Retail Partner Program, Non-Delivery Program, O2 Discharge Program, and Caire-sponsored training are just some of the things that Caire offers to their business partners.

Behind each of these programs is a clinically-proven portfolio that includes liquid, stationary, and portable oxygen therapy solutions, enabling the provider to cover the entire patient lifecycle. Oxygen delivery technologies such as autoSAT, UltraSense, and now patient safety features have long made Caire a go-to for clinicians, providers, and the US Military who utilizes specially-designed oxygen therapy products for battlefield use.

Also in the Caire provider toolkit is the new telehealth solution, Caireview powered by SynsorMed. Through wireless connectivity on select Caire concentrators, this mobile application allows the medical equipment provider to track the location of their Caire concentrators, trouble shoot alerts, periodically monitor oxygen flow rates, and to help avoid costly after-hours visits. Caireview can provide that critical link between the patient and the provider to encourage prescription compliance, and ultimately grow physician referrals.

“Our full depth and breadth of products cover the entire patient lifecycle from initial diagnosis to final high-flow needs. Our portfolio is just one element in how you will experience the Caire brand, and our support programs make it a win-win for our preferred business partners from an affordability and operational efficiencies standpoint,” said George Coppola, Caire Director of Marketing.