Caire Inc has expanded its portfolio of oxygen therapy solutions in China with the release of the award-winning FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator.

Weighing only 5 lbs, the FreeStyle Comfort offers on-demand oxygen flow and features a uniquely designed ergonomic shape that rests comfortably against the curves of the body.

Enhanced proprietary smart oxygen delivery features including Caire’s UltraSense technology, which ensures that oxygen is delivered in conjunction with the patient’s breath rate, and autoDOSE, which ensures delivery of oxygen even if no breath is detected, help ensure the clinical efficacy of the product.

“Caire oxygen therapy brands — specifically the FreeStyle series — have long been relied upon to aid individuals suffering from COPD. The FreeStyle Comfort is an innovative update to a proven brand with clinical enhancements and smart O2 delivery features that will further improve the delivery of oxygen to patients, also benefitting clinicians and caregivers who support their healthcare needs,” said Earl Lawson, President and CEO of Caire Inc.

The release of the FreeStyle Comfort in China, available and distributed through the company’s Chengdu facility, meets a critical need of providing oxygen therapy, one of several treatment options, to those individuals suffering from COPD, or other long-term respiratory conditions.

The device meets FAA guidelines for use on commercial air flights and offers wireless connectivity to Caire’s telehealth solution, CaireView.