A look at oximetry and patient monitoring technology from Masimo and Capsule Technologies / Philips Healthcare.

Capsule Technologies, a Philips Company

Capsule Surveillance continuously analyzes live, streaming data from medical devices, including ventilators, pulse oximeters, capnographs and monitors, to help respiratory therapists identify deterioration in patient condition and assist in reducing the risk of life-threatening events. Clinical surveillance serves to facilitate proactive care by sending clinically actionable notifications to the caregiver, wherever they may be. (See image above.)

Masimo Corp
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Masimo SafetyNet delivers continuous tetherless pulse oximetry and respiration rate monitoring alongside a secure patient surveillance and engagement platform—enabling providers to seamlessly extend care beyond the boundaries of the hospital. Available for immediate deployment, Masimo SafetyNet is the only solution to deliver hospital-proven tetherless SET pulse oximetry and surveillance monitoring to alternative care spaces. Discover Masimo SafetyNet at www.masimo.com/masimo-safetynet.

Masimo’s Patient SafetyNet is a supplemental remote monitoring and clinician notification system which displays near real-time information from any connected Masimo or third-party device at a central station and allows alarms and alerts from bedside devices to be sent directly to clinicians.