Philips Respironics showcased “The ANSWER,” a comprehensive business transformation process that connects product, technology and workflow innovations for both sleep and respiratory care management, at Medtrade Fall in Atlanta.

At a time when challenges in the sleep market have raised more questions than ever, Philips is working with homecare providers to provide “The ANSWER,” a three-phase process that addresses the key aspects in the sleep patient’s journey from patient set-up, to compliance, through ongoing resupply. “The ANSWER” provides a customer-focused solution that enables a homecare provide to Integrate, Automate and Differentiate critical aspects of their business to increase efficiencies and aid in improving patient outcomes.

“Philips is committed to providing the answers to our customers’ biggest challenges as we navigate the changing sleep industry,” said John Frank, senior vice president, general manager, Sleep and Respiratory Care, Philips. “We believe the products and solutions comprising ‘The ANSWER’ will lead to more efficient practices, stronger businesses and, most importantly, healthier patients.”

Homecare providers can walk through an interactive pathway to see the latest sleep and breathing products, and to learn how they can use the three key components of Philips’ new sleep business transformation process.

Phase 1: Integrate

Integrated data source solutions that are part of Philips’ “The ANSWER” business transformation process track the patient across their therapy journey and help to drive efficiency and workflow improvements for homecare providers.

Philips Respironics’ EncoreAnywhere, one of the most widely-used patient compliance management systems of its kind in the United States, is now compatible with Brightree’s web-based billing and business management platform, leading EMR solutions, and payer management solutions. As a fully connected compliance management solution, EncoreAnywhere can reduce duplicative and inconsistent data entry.

Phase 2: Automate

New EncoreAnywhere capabilities will help homecare providers to quickly identify patients who are at risk of not meeting their PAP therapy adherence goals, so that providers can take rapid corrective action and deploy their staff to assist these patients.

With SleepMapper, the mobile and web-based patient self-management application, homecare providers can engage their patients, provide needed therapy support and efficient resupply, and ultimately, enhance PAP therapy adherence. A white paper recently published by Philips Respironics highlighted a retrospective study showing that patients using SleepMapper achieved a PAP therapy adherence rate that was 22% higher than non-SleepMapper users. SleepMapper connects with EncoreAnywhere and most System One devices to provide a complete therapy and compliance solution, serving as a virtual extension of the homecare provider’s care team.

Philips’ medSage and EncoreResupply services further help to automate the process of identifying patients who may be eligible for equipment replenishment and enabling phone, email and text message outreach to these patients.

Phase 3: Differentiate

The third phase of “The ANSWER” aims at helping homecare providers to set their business apart by enabling them to share conclusive patient outcomes data with payers, sleep labs and referral sources. This data sharing capability is just one of the ways in which Philips is working to help homecare providers. Philips also offers end-to-end solutions for COPD disease state management and a complete portfolio of respiratory care innovations.