Breas has launched its EveryWare cloud-based, ventilator management technology into the European and UK markets, following the successful launch in the US.

This securely-hosted, cloud-based web application enables anytime, “EveryWare” access to patient ventilation data in the home. The provision of care for respiratory patients in the home has led the acceleration in digital healthcare transformation in recent times. Today, resources and healthcare budget constraints continue to be compounded by the COVID pandemic, driving the need to work and deliver patient care remotely, more than ever.

Sally Cozens, Breas’ Chief Commercial Officer recognizes which aspects are important to Breas customers when using remote technology, “from Microsoft’s Single Sign On through to its new intuitive interface, access and using EveryWare couldn’t be easier. . . and this continues once inside, the Data Viewer and Notifications features mean users can better manage individual patients or simply identify those who need further intervention.”

Breas has listened to its customers throughout its development process meaning “EveryWare has been designed with managing Ventilation patients in mind.” Sebastian Mommers, Breas’ SVP Marketing & Product Management goes on to say, “its ability to transmit data using the iLink, a 4G cellular modem which can connect multiple devices and deliver information into a single patient record, really can help make connected care more insightful.”