According to, early reports of Apple’s next Apple Watch and WatchOS releasing in the fall of 2020 say the device may incorporate native sleep tracking, pulse oximetry (SpO2) monitoring, and even a “smart” timer that detects when you being washing your hands and provides a 20-second countdown.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, WatchOS will use machine learning to determine when you start washing your hands, and sets a timer so you know you’re getting the recommended 20-second wash.

This year’s big health feature could be what’s known as SPO2 tracking. This would allow the watch to measure your blood oxygen levels, like a pulse oximeter, and alert you if it dips below a certain threshold, according to 9to5Mac. 

Currently, sleep tracking is available on the Apple Watch through third-party apps and one of the biggest hurdles for Apple to offer it natively has been battery life.