Image: Luminette light-emitting glasses are a wearable option for patients seeking light therapy. | Sleep Review

According to an article published by RT’s sister magazine Sleep Review, patients with circadian rhythm sleep disorders have a growing number of mobile options for light therapy, some of which are designed to be wearable glasses.

A prescription for light therapy was once a prescription for sitting still in front of a lightbox for half an hour or longer. Now, a handful of companies are offering solutions that might appeal to the more active patient: light-emitting glasses.

Light therapy wearables vary in design but share a few key similarities. Blue or blue-enriched white light shines from a fixed point near (above or below) the wearer’s eyes. The glasses are meant to be worn during a person’s morning routine, usually for no longer than an hour. All avoid UV light; some have adjustable levels of intensity; and some sync to Fitbits or proprietary fitness tracking apps.

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