React Health Holdings subsidiary Ventec Life Systems has acquired Invacare’s respiratory product line, according to a company news release. The acquisition comes three months after Invacare announced that it would end its respiratory product line

React Health said it has begun integration and transition of the Invacare products and it will update customers on availability of the acquired products, components, and services in the coming days. 

“React Health is excited to bring the Invacare Respiratory product line back to market,” said Tom Pontzius, president of Operations at React Health. “Invacare has been synonymous with quality for years. The respiratory products and services have been very well received in the marketplace and we look forward to continuing the legacy we take over.” 

Pontzius added: “With this acquisition, React Health is well positioned to continue to support the end-to-end care of patients with cardiology, sleep, and respiratory illnesses, in partnership with physicians and providers of diagnostic and needed therapies. Invacare’s respiratory line provides a perfect complement to React’s current product offering and shows React Health’s commitment to providing quality products to support the needs of the sleep and respiratory space.”

Clint Geffert, president of Commercial Operations for React Health, said: “The addition of the Invacare product line to React Health’s Respiratory offering further strengthens our commitment to providing a full complement of products and services to treat chronic disease states in the home setting. We look forward to welcoming Invacare’s customers and patients to the React Health family.” 

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