Frost & Sullivan has selected Dräger for its 2024 Best Practices Company of the Year Award in the global respiratory care devices industry, according to a company press release.

Frost & Sullivan’s selection process involves identifying companies that consistently develop growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future and effectively address new challenges and opportunities employing best practices and strategic analytics across a value chain.

“Today’s healthcare decision makers are looking beyond devices to determine the value a product brings to their critical care environments,” said President and CEO for Dräger, Inc, Lothar Thielen. “This award validates Dräger’s approach of combining best-in-class products, cost-effective accessories, and service solutions – which together deliver unmatched value to the hospitals we support.” Addressing hospital needs by offering easy-to-use and cost-conscious solutions

According to Utkarsha Soundankar, senior research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, “Dräger has become one of the leading respiratory device vendors for its enhanced clinical outcomes, product quality, longterm customer support, and ongoing education tools, all of which assist in offering patient safety and enhanced care.”

Dräger developed its new Evita V600, V800 and Babylog VN800 ventilators based on customer requirements for improving patient safety, patient outcomes, and hospital workflow. These devices can provide various modes of ventilation – such as high-flow O2 therapy, non-invasive ventilation, and invasive ventilation modes – using the same accessories. This eliminates the need to use multiple devices for critically ill patients who require different types of respiratory support, thereby streamlining workflow and reducing equipment costs.

Frost & Sullivan salutes Dräger for introducing first-to-market solutions and continually investing in the development of new technologies. One such example is Dräger’s research collaboration with STIMIT for the investigation of ventilator-induced diaphragmatic dystrophy (VIDD). STIMIT is developing noninvasive diaphragm stimulation for preserving diaphragm thickness. An FDA-approved clinical trial for this emerging technology began in January 2024.

Used by leading hospitals worldwide, Dräger’s respiratory devices are clinically validated, with detailed consideration for the hospital’s specific application. To support hospital infection control protocols, Dräger designs its devices with smooth services and minimal nooks that can harbor infectious agents. The company has also developed an extensive line of single-patient use and reusable valves. Frost & Sullivan cites Dräger’s best-in-class services, a network of over 3000 technicians, remote service, 24/7 hotline support, and exceptional service follow up. The company also offers webinars and training classes for healthcare facilities that want to manage their own programs.

Dräger has a strong leadership team and actively supports the respiratory care community. As of 2023, Dräger donated more than 150 ventilators to respiratory schools in the United States to train the next generation of therapists and will donate another 185 ventilators in 2024.