Hamilton Medical has received 510(k) approval for optional high-flow oxygen therapy on the Hamilton-G5, C1 and T1 ventilators, as well as for the speaking valve compatibility option on the Hamilton-C1 and T1, according to a company press release.
The option of integrated high flow oxygen therapy on the Hamilton-G5/C1/T1 ventilators is now available for all patient populations. With this enhancement, these ventilators offer you a wide range of ventilation and therapy options, including invasive and noninvasive ventilation, and high flow oxygen therapy, all in one single device. In just a few steps, you can change the interface and use the same device and breathing circuit to accommodate your patient’s needs.

To minimize the risks of hyperoxia and associated complications caused by the inaccurate administration of oxygen, Hamilton Medical ventilators offer a continuous display of all relevant monitoring parameters for high flow oxygen therapy, such as oxygen concentration, flow rates, SpO2 (optional), and trends.

On the Hamilton-G5, high flow oxygen therapy can be combined with an integrated Aerogen nebulizer (optional) to help improve therapy efficiency through nebulized drug administration.


For adult and pediatric patients in pressure-controlled modes (PCV+, SPONT, PSIMV+), the SpeakValve option enables the use of conventional speaking valves with the Hamilton-C1 and T1.

The use of a speaking valve in mechanically ventilated patients facilitates independent vocalization in mechanically ventilated patients, allowing them to become active participants in their healthcare. Improving communication between the patient and the healthcare team can help to reduce the patients’ anxiety and improve their sense of well-being, dignity, and motivation to wean.