EarlySense technology, first designed for hospitals, will be integrated with the iFit fitness tracking platform to track sleep, according to a press release from EarlySense and iFit.

The expanded iFit solution now offers advanced capabilities for users to track health and wellness progress including exercise, sleep and nutrition with iFit wearables, apps and internet-connected health and fitness products.

“iFit embraces a 360 degree view on personal fitness and wellness to provide a comprehensive picture of overall health,” remarked Mark Watterson, Director of iFit. “Our solution allows users to easily track personal wellness and activities around the clock. With the addition of EarlySense’s technology, users will have the added benefit of monitoring sleep quality and vital signs that provide a clear indication of health progress.”

EarlySense will provide an IoT-connected sleep sensor that will be integrated with iFit mattresses and mattress covers. By monitoring sleep quality and vital signs such as heart rate and respiratory rate, users can track themselves at night and receive personalized tips to improve sleep and overall wellness.

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