Laerdal Medical and IngMar Medical have partnered to develop the SimMan Critical Care Simulation Manikin, designed to provide critical care and respiratory training — including basic to advanced ventilation management — in a single simulator.

The new SimMan Critical Care, integrated with IngMar’s ASL 5000 breathing simulator, is designed to meet the needs and requirements of students and healthcare professionals with a special focus on critical care, respiratory care, and anesthesia while continuing to offer the functionality that the previous SimMan has delivered for two decades – including trauma care and emergency medicine.

Key features of SimMan Critical Care include:

  • Tetherless respiratory function and control within an advanced patient simulator
  • Ability to interact with all ventilation modes, including Pressure Support, Adaptive Support, and Proportional assist ventilation
  • Flexibility to simulate any patient condition, leveraging ASL 5000 technology integrated within SimMan
  • Ability to perform advanced ventilation simulations progressing through transitions of care from pre-hospital to ICU

“We know that critical and respiratory care are complex areas of practice – and that simulation training, especially when conducted realistically in the actual clinical environment, can provide crucial hands-on learning opportunities to help clinicians master these skills and build preparedness using their own equipment,” says Neil Weber, President, Laerdal North America. “We’re excited to release SimMan Critical Care, which facilitates these ‘in situ’ simulations and delivers a training experience that will ultimately empower current and future healthcare providers with the skills and confidence they need to deliver the highest-quality care to every critically ill patient.”

SimMan Critical Care is expected to begin shipping later in 2024, according to a Laerdal Medical press release.