SAFE-T-FILL® plastic capillary tubes

RAM Scientific

SAFE-T-FILL® blood gas capillary tubes from RAM Scientific, Yonkers, NY, are 100% plastic for safe capillary blood collection to meet all federal and state laboratory safety compliance requirements. Used to collect capillary blood samples from finger sticks, heel sticks, or direct from a catheter, these capillary tubes are ideal for replacing glass capillary, Natelson, and Caraway tubes. Available with either sodium or balanced heparin, and in a variety of sizes, SAFE-T-FILL blood gas capillary tubes may be used for blood gas analysis, for tests for multiple analytes, or as a transfer device for PKU and POC testing. The tubes are packaged in vials of 250 and are available through all major distributors. End caps, mixing fleas, and magnets are available separately. (800) 535-6734;