On February 1, ResMed Inc, Poway, Calif, introduced the Mirage Micro nasal mask, the latest addition to the Mirage family of masks.

The Micro’s definitive feature is its unique MicroFit dial, which allows users to adjust the mask to find the most comfortable and secure fit the first time they wear it. This technology, along with ResMed’s patented Mirage dual-wall cushion, extends the Micro’s fit range to over 95%.* Additionally, the mask’s improved vent design reduces noise output by 52%** compared to the Ultra Mirage II nasal mask, allowing the patient and bed partner to sleep soundly throughout the night.

The Mirage Micro offers five cushion sizes (including a new small size) with only three product codes, resulting in reduced inventory. The product code that includes medium and large cushion sizes fits more than 90% of users.* Because the mask contains fewer parts, it is easier for patients to assemble and clean. The Micro also comes with a comprehensive user support package, including a travel bag and user guide. All of these conveniences translate to cost and time efficiencies for sleep professionals, who will spend less time fitting and training their patients.

* Based on ResMed anthropometric database

** Source: Testing per ISO 3744: 1994 Acoustics determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound pressure