photoMetered Dose Inhalers
• Thayer Medical, Tucson, Ariz, introduces the LiteAire™ and PrimeAire™ dual-valved holding chambers for use with metered dose inhalers. The LiteAire is made from paperboard, which allows for easy transporting and storage and provides cost reductions without sacrificing performance in dose output. The PrimeAire plastic holding chamber includes a clear, removable mouthpiece and removable boot adapter. Puritan Bennett distributes both products. (520) 790-5393;

• Ackrad Laboratories, Cranford, NJ, introduces its improved Esophageal Balloon Catheter Set for Intra-thoracic Pressure Monitoring that measures lung compliance in ventilator and sleep apnea patients. The 5 French, radiopaque catheter features a 3- to 4- cc air capacity, a PTFE-coated stylet, a proximal Y-connector, and a female luer connector. The set includes an 87-cm banded, latex-free balloon catheter; a 10-cm soft balloon; a pressure monitoring extension;s and a three-way stopcock. (908) 276-6390;

• Nova Biomedical, Waltham, Mass, announces new features on its Stat Profile pHOx® Blood Gas/Oximeter and pHOx® Plus Critical Care Analyzers, including a remote control. Users can review, verify, edit, store, and print point-of-care test results, quality control, and instrument calibration in the laboratory. Other features include operator ID, patient name, ventilator settings, draw puncture site, password access, and multiple privilege levels. Software allows users to enable or disable analyzer test channels. (800) 458-5813;

photoPulse Oximeter
• Nonin Medical, Minneapolis, presents the PalmSAT™ 2500 handheld pulse oximeter. The PalmSAT 2500 features easy battery access, three power options, 100 hours of battery life, standard 72-hour memory, and ergonomic design. Compatible with Nonin’s line of reusable and disposable sensors, the pulse oximeter has a large LED display, two-button operation, and accessories. It is compatible with nVision™, Nonin’s Windows®-based data management software. (800) 356-8874;

photoPulse Oximetry Sensor
• SIMS BCI, Waukesha, Wis, introduces its DOT Sensor (Digit Oximeter Transducer) for use with all of its pulse oximetry products. The DOT offers the convenience of a disposable with the durability of a reusable sensor. The latex-free sensor fits a wide range of patient types and sizes. (800) 558-2345;

photoSleep Evaluation System
• Sleep Solutions, Palo Alto, Calif, offers the Bedbugg™ At-Home Diagnostic System for unassisted, at-home patient testing for obstructive sleep apnea. The Internet-enabled Begbugg system is shipped directly to the patient’s home upon a physician’s request. After the system collects up to 3 nights of data, it is sent back to Sleep Solutions. The company then downloads the data and sends a comprehensive summary to the physician for review and diagnosis. (877) 753-3776;
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