Oxygen Delivery Devices

photoMallinckrodt Inc, St Louis, announces FDA clearance to market its new Puritan-Bennett HELiOS™ oxygen system, which provides comfort, convenience, and mobility to people on long-term oxygen therapy. The HELiOS oxygen system is small and light; it is worn by patients and does not require tubes or heavy canisters. For a typical home oxygen patient, the system provides a complete ambulatory supply of oxygen that allows the users to breathe from the portable unit all day, every day; features a portable oxygen unit that weighs less than 3.4 lb and provides 10 hours of use between fillings; is easily refilled from the home reservoir in about 40 seconds; can be worn on a convenient waist belt, shoulder strap, or backpack; requires as few as eight deliveries per year; and includes a standard interface for the Teleview™ Remote Monitoring System, which allows providers to monitor the reservoir contents on a standard PC with a modem. (800) 635-5267; www.mallinckrodt.com.

photoMaxtec Inc, Salt Lake City, announces the distribution of its new line in reusable SPO2 Finger Probes that offer a great fit for a wide range of patients. Replacement probes are available. The probes are lightweight with a floating hinge for maximum comfort, and smooth surface design allows for quick cleaning. The probes are made with Kevlar reinforced fiber strands, and each probe comes with a 1-year warranty. (800) 748-5355; www.maxtecinc.com.

photoAirSep Corporation, Buffalo, NY, offers ImPulse Select, a lightweight, portable oxygen conserving device. With flow settings of 1 to 6 lpm, the unit provides saving ratios on 1:3 pulse/every breath technology and 1:6 for pulse/intermittent breath, depending on the patient’s need. At 24 oz, the unit fits over any standard post-valve cylinder and requires no special tubing. An alarm for low battery and patient disconnect makes this unit reliable for ambulatory oxygen users, and the universal tote-style bag allows unobtrusive use. One C-size battery lasts 3 to 6 months for most patients. ImPulse Select carries a 2-year warranty. (800) 874-0202; www.airsep.com.

photoWestern Medica, Westlake, Ohio, announces the OPC Conserving Regulator. The OPC provides compact performance in an oxygen conserving regulator by delivering the prescribed liter flow on demand. The OPC features a compact aluminum body with a brass inlet chamber and a sintered filter for additional safety and extended regulator life. The conserving regulator offers lpm settings from 1¼2 to 5 with a dial-in flow control. All Western products meet or exceed CGA, FDA, and NFPA requirements for safety and performance, including all ignition testing requirements. (800) 783-7890; www.westernmedica.com

photoSeQual Technologies, San Diego, announces the IntegraTEN™ system, a 10-L home oxygen concentrator designed for the “high-flow” patient. Servicing a full range of patients, the IntegraTEN is housed in the same cabinet as the 5-L Integra. The system can service multiple patients simultaneously with a 10-lpm capacity, using inexpensive devices that split the oxygen flow. The oxygen flow rate is variable in 1¼2-L increments, with O2 content of 95% to 90% at rates of 7 to 10 L. The unit’s O2 output is rated at 92% to 95% at volumes from 0 to 7 lpm. The scaled-up version of the ATF® module eliminates all solenoid valves, keeping the unit quiet. (800) 826-4610; www.sequal.com.

photoChad Therapeutics, Chatsworth, Calif, presents the TOTAL O2® /OXYLITE® System. The product combines the Total O2 Delivery System’s reliable PSA stationary oxygen system with the lightweight, portable OXYLITE Complete Ambulatory Oxygen System. The patented filling mechanism refills portable tanks quickly and conveniently, allowing patients more freedom and independence. Eight versions of the Oxylite system are available, offering an alternative to liquid oxygen for mobile patients who require 1 to 6 lpm. A complete warranty comes with the unit. (800) 423-8870; www.chadtherapeutics.com.

photoInvacare, Elyria, Ohio, offers the Invacare® Check O2 Plus™ Hand Held Analyzer, which reduces the number of devices a service technician must carry. The Check O2 Plus measures three parameters: the concentrator’s flow rate, oxygen concentration, and outlet pressure. The analyzer has no fuel cell to replace and never needs to be calibrated. It operates on a 9-volt battery that supports 3 years of typical use, and it shuts off automatically after 2 minutes to extend battery life. The Check O2 Plus eliminates the equipment and documentation required for the daily calibration of galvanic fuel cell analyzers. With a long battery life and warranty, the analyzer has a low cost of operation. (800) 333-6900; www.invacare.com.

photoRespironics Inc, Pittsburgh, offers the Millennium™, a reliable, cost-effective choice for oxygen therapy. Its components have been specifically designed for use in this oxygen concentrator. The Millennium continues running with the front and rear cabinets removed for ease of service. Some of its other features include: a highly integrated, extended-life valve module; unique sieve module design; and an advanced control system. This next-generation oxygen concentrator is also lightweight and mobile with a low sound level. (800) 345-6443; www.respironics.com.

photoVascular Technology Inc, Lowell, Mass, introduces a warranty policy on its line of oxygen monitors and analyzers. For customers who continue to use VTI Oxygen Sensors, the company guarantees both the VTI Oxygen Monitor and the VTI Oxygen Analyzer if a manufacturing problem occurs within 7 years after purchase. During the first year, VTI guarantees the VTI Oxygen instrument for any reason, even damage caused by the user. (800) 550-0856; www.vti-online.com.

photoSunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, redesigned the DeVilbiss® Five-liter Oxygen Concentrator to be made with more robust components that are less sensitive to processing tolerances and allow the unit to operate through a wider range of conditions and environments. The conformal coated circuit board offers increased longevity and superior performance. The concentrator features a dual solenoid valve with a lifetime warranty. The Thomas Q2 compressor has a 5-year warranty and provides increased flow rates with decreased operating temperatures, allowing for a longer life and less cup seal wear. The redesigned concentrator is available with (model 515DS) or without (model 515DZ) an oxygen sensing device. (800) 333-4000; www.sunrisemedical.com.