Pulmatrix, Lexington, Mass, recently launched iSPERSE™, the company’s novel inhaled dry powder drug delivery platform. With the completion of comprehensive proof-of-concept validation studies of the platform, along with initial patent filings, Pulmatrix is now advancing a select number of proprietary iSPERSE drug formulation candidates as well as actively pursuing iSPERSE partnerships.

The iSPERSE dry powders comprise proprietary cationic salt formulations optimized for inhalation that have the unique properties of small particle size, high density, and high dispersibility. These attributes give iSPERSE the potential to deliver high drug payloads, low potency drugs, and larger drug molecules, such as proteins and peptides. In addition, iSPERSE’s proprietary powders allow for more flexible formulations with straightforward manufacturing, supporting the formulation of small and large molecule drugs as well as drug combinations, including triple drug combinations or higher. This technology, according to the company, avoids the drug-loading, flow rate sensitivity, and low efficiency limitations of conventional lactose blending inhalation technologies.

Specific iSPERSE applications have been formulated for a variety of classes and compounds, including long-acting bronchodilators, long-acting anticholinergics, corticosteroids, and multiple LABA/ICS and LAMA/ICS combinations.

Source: Pulmatrix