productCatheter Set
• Ackrad Laboratories, Cranford, NJ, introduces its improved Esophageal Balloon Catheter Set for intrathoracic pressure monitoring that measures lung compliance in ventilator and sleep apnea patients. The 5 French, radiopaque catheter features a 3- to 4-cc air capacity, PTFE-coated stylet, proximal Y-connector, and female luer connector. The set includes an 87-cm banded, latex-free balloon catheter; 10-cm soft balloon; pressure monitoring extensions; and three-way stopcock. (908) 276-6390;

productOxygen Monitor
• Radiometer America Inc, Westlake, Ohio, launches the TCM™400, a fully portable, multi-channel transcutaneous oxygen monitor, which can simultaneously monitor up to six different sites on a patient. The TCM400 has an easy-to-read, large 61¼2-inch color touch-screen display and intuitive Windows® CE operating system. The TCM400 also offers valuable data management capabilities where patient trends can be displayed and printed in both graphical and tabular formats. In addition, data can easily be stored or exported to a PC for further analysis. (800) 736-0600;

productPortable Oxygen Monitor
• MSA, Pittsburgh, offers its MiniOX oxygen products, featuring the new portable MiniOX® 3000 oxygen monitor, which replaces its long-running MiniOX III monitor. The MiniOX 3000 monitor with a large display features automatic calibration, a battery-strength indicator, alarm verification ability, and a sensor/cable-disconnect alarm. MSA also has available a full range of oxygen sensors. (800) 851-4500;

productCPAP Mask
•Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Laguna Hills, Calif, world leaders in continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) heated humidification, now offers the full CPAP solution with the introduction of the Aclaim™ Nasal Mask. The mask addresses the problems of mask leak and discomfort with the introduction of four unique features. The Glider allows the headgear to move independently of the mask, preventing leaks as users change position during sleep. The bias flow Diffuser prevents cold drafts and mask noise for both CPAP user and partner, and the unique combination of foam and silicone seals adds comfort and fit. To reduce inventory, the Aclaim is supplied with both size options in each box. (800) 446-3908; fax: (949) 470-3933;

productCardiopulmonary Monitor
• Novametrix, Wallingford, Conn, offers NICO®, a cardiopulmonary monitor that uses CO2-Fick for noninvasive cardiac output measurement. By combining airway flow, pressure, volume, and mainstream capnography, NICO measures CO, CI, SV, SVR, VCO2, Vtalv, Vd, and Vd/Vt. NICO parameters provide hemodynamic and ventilation management tools, guiding fluid replacement and weaning protocols. (203) 265-7701;

productCPAP System
• Respironics introduces the new REMstar® Pro CPAP System with Integrated Humidification and Encore® SmartCard™. The REMstar Pro provides the power to cost-effectively monitor patient outcomes and improve compliance. With Encore SmartCard compatibility, onboard Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaire (FOSQ), and integrated humidification, the REMstar Pro redefines top-of-the line CPAP performance. It can help to provide more comfortable CPAP therapy and better manage treatment outcomes for healthier patients and a healthier business. Other features include a sleek new look, automatic altitude compensation, auto on/off, and leak tolerance, as well as flexibility and comfort for patients on the go. (800) 345-6443; (724) 387-4000;