PARI Respiratory Equipment, Midlothian, Va, announces that its LC Star nebulizer and PRONEB Ultra II compressor will be used exclusively in Inspire Pharmaceutical’s phase-3 clinical trial. This is the second phase-3clinical trial for Inspire’s new potential cystic fibrosis (CF) treatment.

The LC Star and Ultra II compressor make for a high efficiency, fast treatment with minimal medication waste.

“Our LC STAR is a fine particle nebulizer that enables delivery of aerosols to the smaller airways of the lungs—beneficial for successful respiratory therapies,” says Lisa Cambridge, director of clinical development at PARI.

The second phase-3 clinical trial, known as TIGER-2, will study the effects of denufosol tetrasodium inhalation solution in patients 5 and older on the development of CF. Denufosol is hoped to be the first early intervention therapy for CF patients by affecting an early step in the progression of the disease.