The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plans to begin a study of the US sales and marketing of electronic cigarettes, according to an agency news release.

To conduct the study, the agency would issue information requests to e-cigarette marketers and would use the information as a basis for a report on the sales, marketing activities, and expenditures in the industry.

The FTC is seeking clearance from the Office of Management and Budget to collect information from the e-cigarette marketers, which is the first step toward conducting the study. The agency will publish a Federal Register notice seeking public comment on the proposed collection of information from approximately five large and ten smaller e-cigarette marketers.

The topics the FTC seeks comment on include:

  • Whether the FTC should seek to collect data according to:
    • 1) the various types of products sold and given away by industry members;
    • 2) the various flavors and nicotine strengths of those sales and giveaways;
    • 3) the various sizes and liquid capacities of disposable e-cigarettes, cartridges, and e-liquids sold and given away; and
    • 4) whether the company sells directly to consumers or to wholesalers and distributors;
  • Whether the FTC should seek data on state-by-state sales of e-cigarettes and related products.