DeVilbiss RPM AutoAdjust CPAP system

Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical, offers the new RPM AutoAdjust CPAP from DeVilbiss, Longmont, Colo. The DeVilbiss RPM AutoAdjust features adjustable upper and lower pressure limits, ultrasensitive snoring detection capability, adjustable delay setting for up to 4 hours, and the ability to detect adverse mask conditions. The RPM AutoAdjust can operate in standard CPAP or AutoAdjust mode and features a universal power supply, automatic altitude compensation, and a pressure range setting of 3-20 cm H2O. Although the DeVilbiss RPM AutoAdjust weighs only 3.6 pounds and is small in size, the unit is feature-packed with technology, including newly enhanced usage data reporting and respiratory performance monitoring (RPM). The 9054D RPM AutoAdjust is easy to set up and use with its backlit LCD display and keypad. Additionally, remote parameter adjustments can be made via the DeVilbiss eCompliance system. (800) 333-4000; or