Twelve years after the launch of RT Magazine, the publishers of RT are set to debut “Sleep Review, The Journal for Sleep Specialists.”

By Tony Ramos

Every new launch of a publication is exciting, and in some ways, it seems like just yesterday that we launched RT Magazine back in November 1988. With the Allied Healthcare Group (AHG) publishing 13 magazines, you would think that by now the excitement would wane somewhat with the prospect of a new journal. Such is not the case with the upcoming launch of Sleep Review, The Journal for Sleep Specialists

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Tony Ramos

Debuting in November 2000 as a quarterly publication, Sleep Review will help to educate and inform 20,000 sleep specialists and respiratory care professionals on the expanding sleep market. Of our 20,000 subscribers, more than 17,000 will be sleep specialists working in the sleep laboratory, hospital, physician’s office, and post-acute setting. Editorially, Sleep Review will present insightful feature articles focusing on the clinical side of sleep medicine, case reports, facility profiles, guest editorials and commentaries by sleep professionals, reimbursement updates, legal counsel, and product and news releases. As is the style with RT Magazine, articles will be well written and edited, pragmatic, and thought-provoking and will present both the clinical as well as the business management side of sleep medicine.

Sleep Review will incorporate a layout and design that will be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and representative of the professional nature of sleep medicine. Original color photography and illustrations, along with creative icons, charts, and graphs, will make Sleep Review the type of publication that sleep professionals will readily identify with and look forward to receiving. As publishers of 13 magazines within the medical/health care field, we are well versed in meeting the information needs of a targeted market.

In addition to RT, AHG also publishes Home Health Care Dealer/Provider, a magazine reaching 14,000 home healthcare providers ( With both the respiratory and home health care field actively involved in sleep diagnostics and therapy, our company, with more than 20 years of medical/health care publishing experience, is well positioned to bring to market a new, exciting, and innovative approach to sleep medicine. In fact, RT features at least one sleep-related article per issue while Dealer/Provider contains a number of sleep articles during the course of the year. In June of this year, we published a very successful Sleep Supplement to the June/July issue of RT. The supplement was a hit with our 20,000 readers of RT and received rave reviews at the annual Associated Professional Sleep Societies meeting in Las Vegas.

The readers of Sleep Review will actively be involved with the magazine as writers, interviewees, and subjects of profiles. We always have believed that the professionals within an industry are a publication’s best source of information. Those who are on the front lines are the ones with the most insight into what is driving an industry. Many times our readers have the best feel for the future direction, challenges, and opportunities facing the industry. By tapping into an active Editorial Advisory Board, attending sleep medicine meetings and conferences, and utilizing our vast editorial resources throughout the company, we enthusiastically look forward to the premier issue of Sleep Review and becoming an integral component of this dynamic marketplace.


Tony Ramos is the former publisher of RT. For more information, contact [email protected].