Master Herbs, Inc, has issued a nationwide recall of Licorice Coughing Liquid because it discovered that it contained morphine, which was not indicated on the label.

The Pomona, CA-based company is pulling out all of its stocks of the cough syrup after finding out that its content included morphine. Without proper medical advice, taking the opioid morphine could be life threatening, leading to respiratory depression and even death. This puts all its consumers at high risk, particularly those who are hypersensitive to the drug.

It highly warned young children with a respiratory illness as they are especially vulnerable to opioid-related respiratory depression and, as much as possible, do not expose them to the opioid. Also, previous research have associated taking morphine together with other drugs can place patients at high risk. Master Herbs admitted the company is not familiar of the potential adverse effects the cough syrup will cause.

Chinese stores from different US states including New Jersey, Ohio, Nevada, California and Hawaii sell the Licorice Coughing Liquid. The drug label is allegedly displayed in two languages: Chinese and English.

People who have a bottle of this cough syrup at home should immediately stop taking the syrup and return it to the store where they bought it. On the other hand, both retailers and wholesalers were also directed by the company to stop its distribution, sequester those left on shelves and make arrangements for their return.

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