VIASYS Healthcare Inc, Conshohocken, Pa, has sold 2,400 LTV1200 ventilators to the California Department of Health Services (CDHS). CDHS purchased the ventilators in concert with its initiative to strengthen the state’s preparedness for natural and man-made disasters. The initiative is intended to provide hospitals and health care facilities in California with the necessary systems and equipment for addressing bioterrorism, pandemic influenza and other public health situations.

VIASYS’ LTV Series ventilator is a portable, lightweight, high-acuity ventilator that is designed for emergency and disaster situations. Among its features, the LTV Series Ventilator offers an “in-the-field” user interface, individualized air pressure and volume controls settings, and internal oxygen blending. In addition, it can be powered from a variety of sources, including an internal and external battery and an automobile auxiliary power outlet. In November 2006, VIASYS announced that it had been selected by the State of New York for a similar ventilator purchase.

“We have been working closely with the Federal government, state organizations, and various health agencies in support of efforts to upgrade the preparedness of the nation’s health care system to respond to bioterrorism and other public health threats and emergencies,” said Randy Thurman, chairman, president and CEO, VIASYS Healthcare Inc. “While access to breathing equipment, specifically ventilators, remains well below the level needed to adequately respond to most large-scale crises, there is a growing recognition that such equipment can play a significant role in saving thousands of lives. We are proud to have been selected by both New York and California as their preferred partner, and look forward to working with other states to help upgrade their emergency operations.”