Vapotherm Inc, Stevensville, Md, produces the VAPOTHERM® 2000i, a respiratory therapy device that allows high flows of breathing gases to be delivered by a narrow tube, such as a nasal or transtracheal cannula, using patented membrane technology to warm and saturate the gas stream. Vapotherm is defined by its ability to deliver warmed and humidified flows from 1 to 40 LPM via nasal cannula in neonatal, pediatric, and adult applications. This concurrence of attributes—flow, humidity, and warmth—permits treatment of a broad range of indications. The 2000i includes a series of indicators and alarms to allow the clinician to deliver safe and effective therapy.
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SeQual Technologies Inc, San Diego, introduces The Eclipse®, a small, lightweight, low-maintenance, low power-consuming system that provides up to 3 LPM of continuous flow oxygen therapy, consistent with the accepted standards of care, including nocturnal oxygen needs. It is the only portable concentrator that offers both continuous and pulse flow delivery systems. AC/DC operation means extended travel without the fear of running out of oxygen. The internal auto-recharge power cartridge keeps the oxygen flowing for up to 4.4 hours in between power-outlet charging. (800) 826-4610;

Southmedic, Barrie, Ontario, offers the OxyMask, an alternative to nasal cannulas that delivers 24% to 90% oxygen at flows of 1 to 40 liters per minute. Now, in one mask you can satisfy low-flow, mid-flow, and high-flow applications with no CO2 rebreathing at low flows. OxyMask’s unique open design reduces claustrophobia and allows for easy communications. OxyMask performs well with mouth or nose breathers.
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CHAD Therapeutics Inc, Chatsworth, Calif, offers the LOTUS® electronic oxygen conserver. The LOTUS is equipped with a yoke that swivels 55 degrees and allows attachment to numerous types of cylinders, including cylinders with gauges. The LOTUS offers a 5:1 savings ratio and eight flow settings. The compact device weighs only 14.5 ounces, provides extended battery life on two AA batteries—approximately 6 months at 8 hours per day usage—and comes with a 2-year warranty.
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TRG Inc, St Louis, introduces the affordable long-lasting liquid oxygen portable, the Escort XL™. The Escort XL provides patients with an extended supply of gaseous oxygen that gives them the confidence they deserve for hundreds of dollars less than the cost of competitors’ portables. Developed by the manufacturer who, for 50 years, has been committed to developing and manufacturing dependable oxygen systems, the Escort XL has 12 flow settings from 0 LPM to 6 LPM and lasts 17 hours at 2 LPM. Patients will have the assurance to make plans all day and into the night. Visit MedTrade booth #3141.
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Maxtec® Inc, Salt Lake City, introduces the MaxO2R+ oxygen analyzer. This product comes fully equipped with one-touch calibration and a 5,000-hour battery life, providing an overall low cost of ownership. Both the analyzer and the sensor are protected by a 2-year warranty. The ergonomic design is easy to use, and the device fits comfortably in the user’s hand. The analyzer is available with an internal sensor, MaxO2R+A; or an external sensor, MaxO2R+AE.
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