The Avive AED, a handheld automated external defibrillator, has received US FDA pre-market approval (PMA), according to manufacturer Avive Solutions Inc.

This 2.1 pound device is the only market-ready product with Cellular, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity. This connectivity suite powers Avive’s revolutionary RealConnect Technology. It’s designed to help get life-saving therapy to a person when and where it’s needed by integrating with 911 centers through a partnership with RapidSOS.  It also seamlessly transfers valuable incident data to 911 telecommunicators, EMS, and medical professionals at the right time. RealConnect can also automate remote monitoring of Avive’s AEDs to ensure they are properly maintained and fully functional.

With a US mortality rate of nearly 90%, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) leads to more than 350,000 deaths annually. To improve survival rates, the Avive Connect AED was designed for easy placement in a variety of locations, optimized for maximum connectivity, and extensively tested for ease-of-use.

The product is designed for use by police and fire departments, higher education institutions, cities and counties, nationwide gym chains, small businesses, families and individuals.

“Every minute a person in cardiac arrest does not receive a shock from an AED, their chance of survival drops seven to ten percent,” said Sameer Jafri, Avive co-founder and CEO. “Without rapid intervention with an AED and Hands-Only CPR before EMS arrival, their chance of survival is dramatically reduced. To improve those odds, our focus these past five years has been creating and validating a small, fully connected device that’s easy to access and use. It’s called the Avive Connect AED.”

“The opportunity to dramatically transform cardiac arrest response and improve outcomes is now possible in ways that weren’t imagined even a few years ago,” said Rory Beyer, Avive co-founder & President. “The power of our platform is its ability to connect the different elements of a cardiac arrest response. More connections mean more valuable data can get to the right people at the right time. This approach mirrors the paradigm shifts and benefits we have seen connected devices bring to other industries such as smartphones, home security, personal fitness, automobiles and more.”

The University of Pennsylvania’s Director of the Center of Resuscitation Science, Benjamin Abella, MD, is a global thought leader in sudden cardiac arrest research who has published more than 250 papers on cardiac arrest and resuscitation. Like a growing number of physician and public safety leaders, he supports the potential of this interconnected, data-driven, “right place, right time” approach for improving outcomes.

“Connected devices are the future of emergency care. Decades of experience tell me that Avive’s technology and approach will be game changing,” said Dr. Abella. “AEDs have historically been like fire extinguishers. You put one on the wall and forget about it. But when flames erupt, you need it to work, and you need to know where to find it.”

“When a cardiac event occurs down the street, where’s the fire extinguisher for that, so to speak? Experience says it could be what Avive has created. A powerful, portable device that’s interconnected into the public safety and provider ecosystem opens up the possibilities for AEDs to get used more often and more effectively. Also, valuable data from an AED can finally be seamlessly sent to emergency departments to support downstream patient care decisions. That’s rare today.”

AED maintenance is critical to ensure functionality. While some AEDs have limited wireless capabilities, most have none. This requires AED owners to perform manual inspections of their devices, a burdensome, costly and often unreliable process.

With a full suite of connectivity, Avive simplifies AED monitoring and maintenance for its customers through daily remote monitoring of their fleet of devices using Avive’s REALConnect Platform.™ – which customers can easily access from their laptop or mobile phone.

“We’re giving our customers unprecedented insight into their Avive Connect AEDs,” said Jafri. “Our REALConnect Platform makes it easy to deploy and manage their devices, whether it’s a handful of them or thousands. Customers will now have the tools and information to make sure their AEDs are properly maintained and are where they expect them to be.”