A new literature review looks at the role of pulmonary hypertension in people with pulmonary fibrosis.

PH is a common comorbidity in people with PF and is a significant predictor of PF mortality. With the many clinical trials designed to explore the development of PH among patients with PF having yielded results that were inconclusive at best, it remains imperative for the medical community to gain an enhanced understanding of the development of PH secondarily to PF (PF-PH).

In the current review, investigators sought to provide a comprehensive translational overview of PH in patients with PF — from clinical diagnosis and outcome to the latest understanding of the histology and molecular pathophysiology of PF-PH.

The latest definition of PH includes an increased pulmonary vascular resistance of ≥3 Wood units, and with a mean pulmonary arterial pressure threshold of >20 mm Hg. Use of this revised PH definition could change the paradigm of PH in patients with PF.

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