The US COPD Coalition and the COPD Alliance have joined the DRIVE4COPD campaign to help raise awareness of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and reinforce the importance of early screening. To date, 40 associations and corporations have partnered with DRIVE4COPD. The addition of the US COPD Coalition will bring another 38 organizations on board to strengthen the efforts of DRIVE4COPD.

In collaboration with the Coalition, the DRIVE4COPD campaign will push for legislation at both the national and state levels to address the needs of COPD patients.

In addition, the COPD Alliance, comprising five professional societies that represent more than 320,000 health care professionals, will work to improve early detection of COPD into primary care settings nationwide. The members of the Alliance will share their medical expertise to further develop and implement DRIVE4COPD programs that aim to identify symptoms of COPD earlier.

Moreover, with the support of the US COPD Coalition and the COPD Alliance, DRIVE4COPD hopes to expand its efforts to encourage Americans age 35 years of age and older to take a brief, five-question online screener to see if they might be at risk for COPD at and to talk to a health care professional if they are at risk.