Research shows that individuals who smoke cannabis are more likely to suffer respiratory problems, such as wheezing and morning cough.

Many cannabis users already had symptoms of bronchitis (cough, sputum production, and wheeze) by the age of 21 years. These symptoms persisted or got worse at ages 26, 32, and 38 years if people continued to use cannabis weekly or more. The association between cannabis use and bronchitis symptoms remained even after tobacco smoking, asthma, and other factors were taken into account.

Dr Kyle Perrin, medical director at the Asthma Foundation says “Any form of smoking is going to affect your lungs. People who smoke marijuana, even if it is only once a week, need to realise that it will adversely affect their health.”

“The findings indicate that cannabis users are likely to develop bronchitis but that this often gets better on quitting” says Associate Professor Hancox. “However, some people who had been heavy cannabis users had a persistent cough and wheeze even after they cut down or quit. This suggests that long-term heavy cannabis smoking may have lasting effects on the airways.”

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