A survey of African American and Hispanic asthma patients showed how racial differences can impact symptoms and access to healthcare.

In a study of 4,700 older adults, researchers found that asthma symptoms and outcomes remained different among African American and Hispanic survey respondents compared with white respondents even after adjustment for multiple social determinants.

African American and Hispanic respondents were more likely to report impaired access to health care due to cost (28% and 34%, respectively vs. 16%; P < .001) and gaps in health insurance coverage (5% and 8%, respectively vs. 3%; P < .001).

More African American and Hispanic respondents than white respondents also reported not using asthma medication or using rescue medication only (61% and 59%, respectively vs. 46%; P = .007), whereas white respondents reported slightly greater use of inhaled corticosteroids or another single agent (8% vs. 6% and 6%; P = .007) and greater use of two controller medications.