A new law went into effect last month that seeks to hold New York City landlords more accountable for asthma-inducing housing violations, like mice, rats, mold and more.

Though the jury is still out on whether the Asthma-Free Housing Act will have an impact on the rising costs of asthma-related conditions in New York, one thing’s for certain: The fight will start in the Bronx.

According to a new analysis from the NYC real estate experts at Localize.city, the Bronx — particularly the Tremont, Fordham, Concourse and Morrisania neighborhoods — claims the highest shares of mold, rodent and pest violations in the city. Tremont has a whopping 17 mold violations for every 100 renting households. In East Tremont, more than a quarter of renting households have a pest violation, indicating roaches, mice, rats or other rodents are on the property.

In total, the Bronx claims nine of the city’s top 10 neighborhoods for pest violations, seven for asthma occurrences and five for mold violations.