Smiths Medical Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, offers the acapella® duet vibratory PEP therapy system. Acapella duet is the newest member of Smiths Medical’s acapella family of products that now offers two therapy options in one treatment session: vibratory PEP and aerosolized medication. acapella duet features a new streamlined acapella body, which contains a built-in port that accommodates most small-volume nebulizers, enabling clinicians to deliver small-volume nebulizer treatments and conveniently mobilize secretions at the same time. acapella duet also can be used as stand-alone therapy without a nebulizer. Lightweight, compact, and easily transportable, acapella duet can be used by patients in any position—reclining, standing, or sitting—and is designed to accommodate a wide range of clinical needs. acapella duet is easily disassembled and can be disinfected via boiling, autoclaving, or cleansing in the top rack of a dishwasher. (800) 258-5361;

B&B Medical Technologies, Loomis, Calif, offers the Hope continuous medication nebulizer, the gold standard for delivery of continuous medication and heliox therapy when treating airway compromise. The Hope’s direct-flow meter connection and port for heliox ensure ease of setup. The Hope delivers 1 to 8 hours of continuous medication therapy with 60% particles in the respirable range. (800) 248-8778;

The Bear from KidO’s LLC, Dallas, is an innovative delivery system for aerosol or oxygen therapy for children with asthma or other acute respiratory illnesses. The Bear combines a recognizable, friendly squeaky toy with the ability to both directly deliver medication to the child from a standard nebulizer and provide oxygen-only therapy. The Bear provides immediate and effective treatment while simultaneously calming the fussy or anxious pediatric patient. (888) 959-5437;

Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, introduces the AsthmaPACK™ for Children. This just-for-kids kit makes learning fun with engaging cartoon characters and age-appropriate devices. An exciting feature of this kit is the interactive bilingual coloring and activity storybook, “Tucker Tackles Asthma,” which contains both English and Spanish translations. In addition, each kit contains a Personal Best® peak flow meter, OptiChamber® Advantage spacer, instructional DVD, asthma care booklet, crayons, and carrying case. (800) 345-6443;

Monaghan Medical Corp, Plattsburgh, NY, introduces its newest product, the Asthma Management Program featuring Doc Monaghan. The program consists of a video or DVD featuring a young boy who just learned he has asthma and an animated character named Doc Monaghan. The program also contains an educational packet that includes a child’s storybook, a parent handbook, and a coloring book. The program handles topics such as asthma medications, peak flows, and “staying in the zones,” as well as understanding and avoiding asthma triggers. The program was developed by a team of certified asthma educators to meet the growing need for asthma education for prevention and management. All items in the program are available in English and Spanish.  (800) 833-9653;

Thayer Medical Corp, Tucson, Ariz, offers the LiteAire® collapsible, disposable, dual-valved holding chamber. LiteAire delivers pop-up convenience and effective drug output by meeting, and often exceeding, the performance of other plastic chambers at a fraction of the cost. The 160 cc paperboard LiteAire is lightweight, stores flat, and can be used by a patient over multiple pMDI doses for 1 week. (800) 250-3330;

MEDQUIP® Inc, Hilton Head, SC, offers the AirialTM MQ6003 Panda pediatric nebulizer system, a quiet, easy-to-use unit with a child-friendly design. This durable metal piston-driven compressor comes with a pacifier attachment to ensure child comfort during treatments. Each unit comes complete with tubing, mouthpiece, pediatric mask, extra filters, pediatric pacifier, and matching backpack-style carrying case. The MQ6003 Panda pediatric nebulizer system is impact resistant and safe to use. Airial products, distributed by MEDQUIP INC, carry an exclusive lifetime warranty.  (888) 404-5666;

Omron Health Care, Bannockburn, Ill, introduces the MicroAir®, a small nebulizer utilizing vibrating mesh technology to efficiently deliver solution medications for patients suffering from asthma, COPD, or other respiratory conditions. Patients appreciate the small product size and handy carrying case that is easily transported. Powerful delivery comparable to that of tabletop compressor nebulizer systems provides effective relief and control of the disease. The MicroAir operates on two “AA” batteries. (800) 231-4030;