The Environmental Protection Agency is recognizing the City of Dallas and the Health and Wellness Alliance for Children for their efforts in fighting pediatric asthma.

“Protecting children’s health takes the hard work and collaboration of many groups, from healthcare workers to city inspectors,” explained the EPA’s Regional Administrator, Ron Curry. “Bringing these different groups together can improve health outcomes for kids and increase their quality of life.”

“According to the Children’s Health 2015 Beyond ABC report, Dallas is among the most ozone-polluted counties in the U.S., and we know pollution is a key trigger of asthma,” explained Cheryl McCarver, Vice President of The Health and Wellness Alliance for Children. “We are proud to once again partner with the Environmental Protection Agency, Dallas City government and many others through the Health and Wellness Alliance for Children to address environmental issues on behalf of our children.”

Together with the National Center for Healthy Housing, Dallas organized a workshop for all clinical staff from Children’s Health Hospital, attorneys, city code inspectors, and the 311 program. The different groups charted their responsibilities and then discussed ways to work together in order to provide better, safer and healthier environments for the children of the area. Afterwards, the groups worked with the city and the Health and Wellness Alliance for Children and were provided training in code compliance leaders on links between children’s health and their surrounding environment.

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