New research out of Sweden revealed equivalent amounts of activity occurring among people both with and without asthma. Investigators believe this is due to the increasing recognition of guidelines noting the importance of exercise for patients with asthma.


The “result suggests that asthma is not a significant obstacle to the general physical activity in the Swedish population,” according to the authors, who nonetheless advise health care professionals to “be aware of the increased prevalence of asthma and asthma-related symptoms in vigorously physically active subjects.”


In looking at results of a survey completed by 25,610 individuals, 1830 subjects reported having asthma. Investigators found no significant difference in the proportion of subjects who reported being inactive or slightly physically active between asthmatic and non-asthmatics. However, the team did note that being vigorously physically active was independently associated with a 39% increased odds for wheezing, a 68% for wheezing and breathlessness, and a 39% increased odds for wheezing without having a cold.


The 20% of the study population classified as physically inactive were found to have a higher body mass index, were more likely to be smokers or ex-smokers, and have diabetes and high blood pressure than other participants.