d10a.jpg (13644 bytes)Children’s Asthma Care
Zoey and the Zones™ are the stars of the Zoey™ Hospital Pediatric Asthma Management Program, designed to help educate pediatric asthma patients and their caregivers about living with and treating asthma. Offered by Respironics Inc, Asthma and Allergy Division, Cedar Grove, NJ, through a licensing agreement with ZOEY LP, San Antonio, the program includes asthma care kits, educational wall charts, and instructional handouts for patients, as well as recommended asthma care protocols, procedures, and documentation tools for hospital staff. Zoey, a car who has asthma, and his sidekick Light Buddy™, a traffic light who represents the asthma zone management system, are the main characters in a series of educational publications. The characters also appear on Respironics’ Personal Best® full- and low-range peak flow meters, AsthmaMentor® peak flow meters, OptiChamber® Advantage Valved Holding Chambers, and the Inspiration® 626 compressor nebulizer systems. (800) 962-1266; www.respironics.com.

d10a.jpg (13644 bytes)Oximetry Spot-Check Solution
The TuffSat® by Datex-Ohmeda, Madison, Wis, is now available with PIr® relative perfusion index measurement—a quick, easy-to-use clinical tool for locating the sensor site with the best blood flow and strongest pulse signal in your patient. TuffSat’s rugged, lightweight construction, ergonomic design, and intuitive operation allow flexible, fast use. Rigorously stress-tested and water-resistant, the TuffSat exceeds international durability standards and is backed by a full 3-year warranty. TuffSat’s rubber grip offers secure handling with such built-in features as large, backlit LCD and auto shut-off. Each TuffSat includes a reusable OxyTip®+ finger sensor. It is available in four colors. (800) 345-2700; www.us.datex-ohmeda.com.  

d10a.jpg (13644 bytes)Lightweight Oxygen Cylinders
Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Riverside, Calif, says respiratory care professionals responded positively to the company’s new, ultra-lightweight carbon composite oxygen cylinders at the AARC show in December. Using the slogan “Luxfer carbon composites help oxygen users get more out of life,” Luxfer demonstrated how the compact new cylinders improve patient ambulation and mobility and increase the duration of ambulation because of significantly higher oxygen capacity. (800) 764-0366; www.luxfercylinders.com.

d10a.jpg (13644 bytes)Oxygen-Safe Thread Sealants
From Fluoramics Inc, Mahwah, NJ, come thread sealants LOX-8® Paste and Formula-8®. LOX-8 Paste can withstand temperatures up to 450°F and pressures to 10,000 psi. It is compatible with liquid oxygen, chlorine, hydrogen, nitrogen oxides, etc (complete list of chemicals online). LOX-8 Grease is an antigalling agent used in stainless steel applications. Both are hydrophobic, for use in the presence of water and humid conditions, as well as dry. Formula-8 thread sealant has CSA certification and is ideal in dry conditions. It can be used with natural gas, hydraulic systems, diesel fuel, and liquid propane gas, in temperatures of -400°F to 500°F and in pressures up to 3,500 psi. Formula-8 requires no curing time; just coat the threads and immediately put the system back in service. It is also thixotropic for hard-to-reach places. Both LOX-8 and Formula-8 have been NASA tested and approved. (800) 922-0075; www.fluoramics.com.

d10a.jpg (13644 bytes)Handheld Pulse Oximeter
Nellcor, a division of Tyco Healthcare, Pleasanton, Calif, introduces the Nellcor® N-45 handheld pulse oximeter, which is compatible with the complete line of OxiMax® pulse oximetry sensors. The battery-operated N-45 features an artifact-reducing algorithm that combats the effects of patient motion, delivering accurate SpO2 and pulse rate values, even during challenging monitoring conditions. The N-45 oximeter is suited for use with quick assessments or short-term monitoring throughout the hospital, during in-hospital and ambulance transport, and during exercise/walking studies. The half-pound pulse oximeter also features an easy-to-see display, audible alarms, and trend memory to enable overnight oximetry studies. (800) 635-5267; www.nellcor.com.  

d10a.jpg (13644 bytes)Auto-Adjusting CPAP System
Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, now offers C-Flex™ technology in the REMstar® Plus CPAP system. C-Flex tracks and reacts to every breath throughout the night and makes breath-by-breath adjustments to ensure the optimal level of pressure relief during exhalation. REMstar Plus offers optional integrated humidification, lighted controls, an easy-to-read display, and a sleek design. (800) 345-6443; www.respironicsremstar.com.