Portable Blood Gas Analyzer Software
Radiometer America, Westlake, Ohio, introduces software version 1.30 for the ABL™77 portable blood gas analyzer. The software includes several new features that increase analyzer control at the point of care.

Version 1.30 is compatible with Radiance™, a STAT analyzer data management system that offers remote access and control, a live display of analyzer status on a workstation, and the ability to send messages for display on the analyzer. The new software provides extended query options, improved access control, and an additional input parameter for externally measured glucose. Levy-Jennings charts now may be printed directly from the ABL77 printer.

With its multitest cassette, the ABL77 requires minimal maintenance and is always ready for analysis, measuring eight vital point-of-care parameters on 70 µL of whole blood in 60 seconds. (800) 736-0600; www.abl77.com

 Personal Electronic Peak Flow Meter
The PiKo-1™ personal electronic peak flow/FEV1 meter by Pulmonary Data Services Inc, Louisville, Colo, is a miniaturized tool that allows asthma patients to self-monitor two key measures of lung function. It features the patented Koko Peak® pressure/flow technology for enhanced operating intelligence. PiKo-1 measures not only peak expiratory flow (PEF), but also FEV1 with an accuracy of ±5% for PEF and ±3% for FEV1. It also detects and alerts for abnormal blows (Q-Factor) and cough, and it stores up to 96 breathing tests.

The smallest meter on the market (3.0 x 1.3 x .08 inches; 1.25 oz), according to the company, it features only one control button for ease of use. It costs about the same as traditional mechanical meters. (800) 574-7374; www.treat-asthma.com.  

 Digital Nudge
The SnoreStopper by HIVOX Biotek Co, Fremont, Calif, offers a less-intrusive alternative to other snoring solutions, such as mouthpieces and surgery. Worn on the wrist like a watch, SnoreStopper uses biosensors to detect a sleeper’s snore. It then issues a gentle electronic pulse that trains the body to relax the muscles and end the snoring. According to the company, preliminary findings of several sleep disorder studies’ focus groups show a 78% success rate. The product—available in blue and metallic silver—currently is offered with a 30-day free trial period. (877) 448-6988; www.hivoxproduct.com.

 FDA OKs Airway Clearance System
Advanced Respiratory, St Paul, Minn, has received US Food and Drug Administration clearance for The Vest™ airway clearance system model 104. The Vest provides airway clearance therapy for those with an impaired pulmonary defense. This powerful, yet gentle, medical device—employing high-frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) technology—can replace manual CPT.

At 17 pounds, the new model is half the weight and one third the size of the previous model. The device consists of an inflatable vest attached by two tubes to an air-pulse generator. Using HFCWO technology, The Vest uses gentle pressure to move trapped mucus from the smaller airways in the lungs to the larger airways where it can be cleared. The action also works to thin thick secretions. (800) 426-4224; www.thevest.com.

 Easy-to-clean PEP Device
DHD Healthcare Inc, Wampsville, NY, introduces acapella® choice, an easy-to-clean device for vibratory positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy. It offers the same combination of PEP therapy and airway vibrations as the original acapella to mobilize pulmonary secretions in patients suffering from lung diseases. What sets acapella choice apart is that it can be easily disassembled and cleaned. It will withstand repeated steam autoclaving of temperatures up to 136° C.

The device also features a dial that allows patients to customize frequency and flow resistance. Its small size and detachable mouthpiece allow patients to self-administer in less than half the time of traditional chest physiotherapy sessions. (800) 847-8000; www.dhd.com.

 Lungs of Steel
Creative Health Products, Plymouth, Mich, offers the POWERbreathe™ inspiratory muscle trainer for exercising and strengthening the inspiratory muscles to reduce breathlessness and make exercise feel easier. The trainer can be helpful for asthmatics, emphysemics, or anyone who suffers from respiratory difficulties. It features an adjustable tensioner and is available in three models: wellness, fitness, and sports performance. (800) 742-4478; www.chponline.com.